Research Paper Structure and other FAQ

What is a research paper?

A research paper is an essay which requires you to formulate a point or position around a certain thing and then requires you to do research and find supporting evidence for your position.

Are research papers difficult?

Research papers can often be very difficult and time consuming, and what makes them most difficult is that you need to find research and supporting evidence that coincides and supports your position, which can be difficult if you’re research paper topics are more obscure and research more hard to come by.

What is research paper structure?

The importance of research paper structure is that you set up your claims in the opening of the paragraph and follow it with a piece of supporting evidence or an example from your research which supports this claim, and then further interpret and comment on the piece of evidence or research itself. Make sure that your essay has a clear beginning, where you set up your claims, a clear middle where the research and evidence is laid out, and a closing where it’s all brought together.

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